Variables and Data types

If a golf ball and a club together cost 2,100 PLN, and the price difference between the club and the ball is 2,000 PLN, then how much costs the ball?

Consider the data-frame mtcars (it should be loaded when you load R, if not, it is provided by the library datasets). Calculate

  1. the mean consumption of the cars in the data base
  2. the mean consumption of the cars that have four cylinders

Then create a function to convert miles per gallon to liter per 100 km, rounded up to 2 digits. Then add a column lp100km where you put all the consumption in liter per 100 km and store the results in a variable d

Now execute the same with a for-loop.

Lexical Scoping

Create a function to demonstrate the lexical scoping in R


Create an object type cardata, that is your personal soution for car databases. create a specific print function that plots mpg in function of hp when called by plot(x)