Course Plan

Date AM/PM Mode Content
2023-09-17 AM online Introduction to the course and innovation
2023-02-01 AM in classroom starting with R
2023-02-02 AM in classroom Business plans and MCDA
2023-02-03 PM in classroom building models (regressions)
2023-03-24 PM online building models (machine learning)
2023-04-20 PM online Selected Topics (AI applications, Quantum Computing, Applications of Quantum Computing, Blockchain)
2023-04-21 PM online Exam (your presentations)

Course Modules Content


  • introduction to innovation
  • the role of innovation in the history of capitalism
  • setting expectations and agreements
  • installing R and RStudio

Business Plans and Multi Criteria Decision Analytics (MCDA)

  • Elements of a Business plan
  • MCDA (Multi Criteria Decision Analytics)
  • case studies MCDA

Building Models: regressions and Machine Learning

  • linear regressions
  • generalised linear models
  • non-linear regressions
  • decision trees
  • random forests
  • SVN
  • neural networks

Case studies and models

  • recap of theory (and continuation)
  • case studies and practice

From Accounting to Creating Value

A selection from:

  • financial accounting
  • management accounting
  • valuation of cash, bonds, equities
  • other financial instruments

Selected innovation axis

A selection from:

  • automated reporting
  • preparation for the end-project
  • crypto ledgers
  • quantum computing
  • Big Data

Exam: presentations of projects by students

Background Material

Further Case Studies

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