div: the R-library for diversity and inclusion reporting

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If you dream of a world where people get fair chances, that is more inclusive and where everyone can be themselves, then you are probably in favour of the local "diversity and inclusion" working, and you certainly have tried to make the world better. Well, it is hard to make managers do something, but it is even harder not to become the evil that you have sworn to eradicate. Quota's other targets on diversity without an objective morality backfire and lead to discrmination.

Therefore, we have built a framework that allows to

  1. report on diversity in a meaningful way (using a measure that is not a percentage and hence allows non-binary categories, that allows to use a gold-standard that is not necessarily 1/n),
  2. report on posible presence of bias (active/passive or conscious/unconscious), and
  3. present data in such way that it becomes actionable.


With the tool "div" we provide you a tool to
  1. report on diversity
  2. report on inclusion (by searching for bias in salary, bonus, promotion probability, etc. — note that this is not comprehensive: one need still to find out if people feel included)
  3. identify the areas where bias is —most probably— present, or at least where action is needed

Can I see examples and get more information?

  1. example pdf slides
  2. example pdf A4 report
  3. example static website
  4. example interactive website
  5. white paper which explains the methodology and choices more in detail
  6. div manual

How can I get involved?

  1. Run your own analysis with R: download here:
  2. Ask Diversity Hub to do a diversity and inclusion audit of your company
  3. Anythinig else? Send us an email at div@de-brouwer.com


Report them to div@de-brouwer.com

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