Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Krakow

With the honorary consulate in Krakow the Belgian Embassy to Poland aims to support Belgian citizens that find themselves in the South of Poland in urgent need. We are here to help.

Emergency Support

  • alternatively you can contact the embassy in Warsaw: Belgian Embassy in Warsaw (+48 22 551 28 00) or +48 602 298 918 (outside the opening hours AND emergency only)
  • Contact the Honorary Consulate

    We don't have specific opening hours, but are there to help and welcome contact. Please use any of the following.

    • send email to: moc.rewuorb-ed@lusnoc.yraronoh.
    • Add the honorary consul's business card to your phone and contact us via your preferred channel:
      business card of the honorary consul Philippe De Brouwer

    • personal meeting
      1. Make an appointment first. The consulate is only available after appointment.
      2. once you have an appointment, the honorary consulate of Belgium in Kraków is here:

    Meet the Honorary Consul, Philippe De Brouwer

    • At your service is Dr. Philippe De Brouwer. As a honorary consul he is passionate about serving the community and helping initiatives grow. As a scientist he tries to combine research on financial markets, psychology and investments and to the benefit of the investor.
      Being a honorary consul is an unpaid service provided for the benefit of the society, so Philippe has also a career in banking where he helps people to grow and excel by being a team-leader. Currently he works in risk management where he manages a team of high-skilled specialists to keep the bank safe.
      foto Philippe De Brouwer

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    Further Information