Workshop on Teamwork and Leadership

Sunday, September 15, 2013 » posts.tags:

Recently I did for my employer a workshop on Teamwork and Leadership. I loved every second of it and so did the participants. The feedback was very encouraging.

Druring my carreer I’m in a people managers role for about 20 years now with many C-level function in different countries, on different levels and in different companies. I made a lot of mistakes! But I also did some things that really worked out and recently my boss gave me the works of Patrick Lencioni and a whole new world opened for me.

I started to realize why certain things worked out well and why certain things did not work. It became a passion … that I love to share of course and recently it culminated in this workshop. The workshop does two things:

  1. building understanding and trust with the MBTI personality indicators as a guide and
  2. building on that trust to lay the foundations of a performing team.

Such workshops become very personal (and sometimes very emotional too), and to make it fit my own personality I decided to package it as “executive training”. With that I mean that it was highly personlizized and it is designed to be done with the group that should function as a team. The training is actually moulded in function of the personalities of the people present, also the materials that afterwards everyone gets are highly personlizized to support that particular team.