RMarkdown Examples and Sources

The Covid Dashboard on this website

(click on the image)

A simplified version of the Covid Dashboard with FlexDashBoard

The Static Diversity Dashboard

This example is a diversity dashboard for a company or team. The data from the HR team is presented from different angles. Don't forget to select the other tabs in the blue menu bar, view the code with the button on the right, … and even the button to share the dashboard on social media works. However, abouve all it is interesting to see the interaction that is possible with the plots. For example, click [gender], [salary], and then move the cursor over the plot to get the menu bar. You can now zoom in, see values, etc.

Alternatively, you can find the dashboard here: on rpubs

Simulation of the Normal Distribution

This simple example takes random numbers from the normal distribution and then plot the historgram. This is useful to experiment and get a feeling what sample size can do and how the binning of the historgram influences your perception of the distribution.

This is dicussed in the book in section 36.1, Shiny.

Shiny App generated from RMarkdown

Here we leverage the power of R-Markdown to renerate very fast with very little code a useful interactive website.

This is dicussed in the book in section 32 R Markdown and 36.1 Shiny.