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300 Words Bio of Dr. Philippe De Brouwer

Dr. Philippe De Brouwer is Head of Analytics Development at RBS (the Royal Bank of Scotland / Natwest group) as well as lecturer at Vlerick Business School and the University of Warsaw.

He studied theoretical physics and later got interested in economy and acquired his second Master degree while working full time. Finishing this Master he solved the "fallacy of large numbers puzzle" that was formulated by P.A. Samuelson 38 years before and remained unsolved since then. He finished also his Ph.D. while working full time. In his dissertation he successfully challenged the assumptions of the noble price winning theory of Mean Variance of Markovitz that ruled for more than 60 years.

His career brought him into insurance, banking, investment management and back to banking, while his specialization shifted from IT to general management to data.

For Fortis (now BNP) he helped the young asset manager grow by creating product development and program management. He provided one of the first capital guaranteed funds on the market and got promoted to director in 2000. In 2002 he joined KBC, where he merged 4 companies into one. He became CEO of the merged entity in 2005 and under his direction the company climbed from number 11 to number 5 on the market (in less than 4 years, while the number of competitors increased by 50%). In the aftermath of the crisis he helped creating a new asset manager for KBC in Ireland that soon accommodated the management of ca. 1000 investment funds and had about 32 Bln Euro under management. In 2012 he widened his scope by joining Risk Management and specialized in statistics and numerical methods. Since 2015 Philippe Joined the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and specializes in Big Data, analytics and people management.

In his free time he teaches for Vlerick Business School and Warsaw University about finance, behavioural economics, decision making, Big Data, bank management, structured finance, corporate banking, financial markets, financial instruments, team-building and leadership, etc.

100 Words Academic Bio of Dr. Philippe De Brouwer

While finishing his second Master (Applied Economics) Philippe solved the “fallacy of large numbers puzzle”, formulated by P.A. Samuelson 38 years earlier. In this PhD he created the “Maslowian Portfolio Theory” and so successfully challenged the assumptions of the Noble price winning “Mean Variance Theory” of H. Markovitz that dominated our thinking about suitability of investments for more than 60 years.

He is an active executive and has more than two decades experience in banking and asset management, fulfilled many C-level functions and is now Head of Analytics Development in RBS. He specializes in teamwork, leadership, big data, analytics, risk management and investment advice.

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