{div}: the R-library for diversity and inclusion reporting

White Paper
White paper about {div}

The white paper explains the maths and choices behind the library {div}.

Demo Report
Example report

A report based on randomly generated data.



div is a tool to be used in a corporate setting and it reports on:
  1. diversity
  2. inclusion (by searching for bias in salary, bonus, promotion probability, etc. — note that this is not comprehensive: one need still to find out if people feel included)
  3. areas where bias is —most probably— present, or at least where action is needed


If you dream of an inclusive world where people get fair chances and can be themselves, then you are probably in favour of your the local "diversity and inclusion" working. However, you might wonder if you make progress, if the progress is based on principals of equal treatement, and more importantly: how does unconscious bias influence decisions.

Therefore, we have built a framework that allows to

  1. report on diversity in an inclusive and meaningful way (using a measure that is not a percentage and hence allows non-binary categories),
  2. is relevant (focuses on differences that indicate bias, reports meaningful pay-gap information only),
  3. identifies posible bias (active/passive or conscious/unconscious), and
  4. presents data in such way that it becomes actionable.

Can I see examples?

  1. example pdf slides
  2. example pdf A4 report
  3. example static website
  4. example interactive website

Where is more information?

  1. white paper which explains the methodology and choices more in detail
  2. div manual (soon available)
  3. Reference manual

How can I get involved?

  1. Run your own analysis with R, the package can be downloaded from CRAN, hence it is easy to download:
    Once installed, is it best to start working from an existing report. The reports can be found in your installation directory, for example: ~/R/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-library/3.6/div/div_flexdash/div_flexdashboard.Rmd
  2. Ask Diversity Hub to do a diversity and inclusion audit of your company
  3. Report issues
  4. Anythinig else? Send us an email at div@de-brouwer.com

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Change Log

2021-06-09 -- support for multiple teams in one organisation.
Minor improvements on the html report, added information in the storyboard and visualisations.
2021-05-06 -- first version on CRAN