Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Krakow

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    Dr. Philippe De Brouwer
    Honorary Consulate of Belgium
    ul. Marii Grzegorzewskiej 33A
    30-394 Kraków, Poland

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Meet the Honorary Consul, Philippe De Brouwer

  • At your service is Dr. Philippe De Brouwer. As a honorary consul he is passionate about serving the community and helping initiatives grow. As a scientist he tries to combine research on financial markets, psychology and investments and to the benefit of the investor.
    Being a honorary consul is an unpaid service provided for the benefit of the society, so Philippe has also a career in banking where he helps people to grow and excel by being a team-leader. Currently he works in risk management where he manages a team of high-skilled specialists to keep the bank safe.
    foto Philippe De Brouwer

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