Talks and Lectures by Philippe De Brouwer

Dr. Philippe De Brouwer is a regular speaker on conferences and teaches for Vlerick Business School. Here is a selection of some recent conference talks, workshops and lectures.

DateTitleFor WhoDownload
2018-06-13A Proposition of a Practical Implementation of Maslowian Portfolio Theoryseminarium Wydzialowe, Wydzial Mathematica, Politechnika Wroclawska
2018-05-15Quantum Computers explained simply2018 Aspire Conference - A Brave New World, Aspire, Krakow, Poland
2018-04-20Behavioural Finance and its ApplicationsApplied Mathematics Faculty Lecture, AGH, Krakow, Polandhandouts
2017-09-05Coherent Measures of Risk, the importance of thinking coherentlyXLVI Konferencje Zastosowan Matematyki (46th Conference for Applied Mathematics), IMPAN, Zakopany, Polandhandouts
2017-05-28Maslowian Portfolio Theory, why goal based investing makes senseStochastic Analysis and its Applications, IMPAN (Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Science), Bedlewo, Polandhandouts
2017-04-22Maslowian Portfolio Theory, Why Goal Based Investing Makes SenseAGH, KNMF, Krakowhandouts
2016-11-09Coherent Risk MeasuresHSBC, Cracowhandouts
2016-10-12FinTechEuropean Banking Fourm, Viennahandouts
2016-06-03CrowdFunding and CrowdSourcing4th Retail Banking Forum, Budapesthandouts
2015-11-27Keynote on GSC 2015: Future TechnologieseMBA Conference, University of Warsaw---
2013-07-29Workshop on Leadership and TeamworkKBC Bank, Prague, Czech RepublicFlyer
2013-02-21--27Investment ManagementVlerick Business School, Marbach, Switzerland---
2012-12-11Coherent Risk MeasuresUniwersitet Jagelonskie, Department of Mathematics, Cracow, PolandHandouts
2012-06-07Coherent Measures of Financial RiskVlerick Business School, Brussels, BelgiumHandouts
2012-04-16Maslowian Portfolio Theory, Why Goal Based Investing Makes SenseKBC Asset Management, Brussels, BelgiumHandouts
2012-01-30Maslowian Portfolio Theory, A Coherent Approach to Strategic Asset AllocationDoctoral Presentation, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, BelgiumHandouts Slides
2011-10-27Behavioural Finance and its Relevance for Selecting Fund ManagersCirywire, Geneva, SwitzerlandHandouts
2011-09-05 (also on 2011-04-04, 2010-09-13)Portfolio Selection for Private Persons and Behavioural FinanceFebelfin Academy, Brussels, BelgiumHandouts
2010-09-23Behavioural Finance and Fund Manager SelectionIIR, Geneva, SwitzerlandHandouts
2011-05-16Chair in Debate on Structured ProductsCEE, International Conference, Warsaw, PolandProgram
2010-03-25Behavioural Finance and Fund Manager SelectionIIR, London, UKHandouts
2010Investment Basics, Behavioural Finance, Risk ProfilingFebelfin Academy, Brussels, Belgium---
2007Market Situation and Opportunities in PolandALFI-NICSA conference 2007, Luxembourg, GD of Luxembourg---
2001Behavioural Finance, General Introduction and How to Incorporation in the Investment ProcessBehavioural Finance, IIR, London---
2001Behavioural Finance, Fundamentals and ImpactFirst Asian Investors Conference, FIM, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Kuala Lumpur---
2000Risk Intuition and Investor Psychology, Risk Management for Today's Asset ManagersIIR, London---
1999Integrating Value at Risk and Stress Testing for Accurate Investment Risk Management, Defining, Measuring & Controlling Investment RiskIIR, Zurich---
1998---2001Exotic Derivatives used in Capital Guaranteed Products, bi-annual lectureBelgian Bankers Association, Brussels, Belgium---